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New Motor Installation

Garage Door New Motor Installation

Best New Motor Installation Services

The motor in a garage door produces power to expand or retract the door. Thus, the importance of a motor in a garage door can be rightly assumed. The motor being under load for a good time frame causes its part to wear and tear, therefore, a replacement needs to be done every 2 years or so.

We are the company to hire for a new motor installation. Since its commencement, we have been accredited with several awards. We provide solutions to every kind of needs and tailor our services according to the instructions by the customer. Our experts cure every little nit picking by our customers without complaining or asking for additional charges.

We manufacture our own products and the same are used in a new motor installation. They all have to pass a standard test; therefore will not hamper your door garage. We also provide a standard one-year complimentary warranty with our products; which mean you can get the product replaced or repaired free if it is damaged (non-intentionally).

Trying to repair the motor by own can damage other parts of the mechanism; transforming a simple replacement into a worst-case scenario. Therefore, it is recommended to hire experts for new motor installation. We can be hired 24x7 round the year for any small or time-consuming job. Just give us a call, and see us in action in no time! You will surely recommend us to a relative after the first service.